Google will rank higher your website if it is mobile friendly

30 March 2017
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Google will rank higher your website if it is xmobile friendly.

The web is going mobile. And thats a fact. In 2015 there are already more mobile phones than PCs. Everyday more and more people use the phone to browse the internet, purchase products and download apps. And we take this very seriously in PVV Web Design.

Starting on April 21, Google will be expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Which in other words means that your website will have more chances to appear on the first pages of Google if it is mobile responsive and non-mobile optimised sites are likely to experience an important drop.

But what is a mobile friendly website ? Basically when you look to a web with only the desktop version (or non mobile friendly) you have to pinch and zoom in order to be able to read the text or see the photos. Its a pretty annoying task to be honest and most of the times the users are more likely to abandon  your site and look somewhere else. You can read more about it in Google Webmaster Central Blog

According to Deloitte 35 million people have a smartphone in the UK, which means over half the population. Figures that, without a doubt, will change dramatically on the upcoming months.

And here is where making the move to mobile becomes essential. Text and photos big enough to read, space in between links, one scroll down pages. In other words a clear visible and easy to navigate content.Because at the end of the day its all about a pleasant user experience.


So from April 21st 2015, and thanks to Google, its a new era for Mobile responsiveness.

Go mobile!

You can test your website clicking in Google Mobile-Friendly test. And you can read more about it in Google Why make a website mobile-friendly?

Contact us if you want a free estimate for an affordable mobile responsive website. We are very determined to help small businesses and self employed people in Sheffield and all Yorkshire area so we are really hoping to hear from you!